LED Strip Light Controllers

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  1. RSBHT01
    Bluetooth RGB Multi-Color Controller w/ 3-CMOS O.. Learn More
  2. RSHC05
    Wireless IR RGB Multi-Color Remote Controller (1.. Learn More
  3. RS-T85-RGB
    T85 LED RGB Multi-Color Amplifier.. Learn More
  4. RSHA01
    High Voltage Signal Amplifier (100-240V AC).. Learn More
    RF RGB Multi-Color Controller for 110V 5050 Atmo.. Learn More
  6. RS-T53-6A-R03
    LED RF Remote Control Dimmer for Single Color LE.. Learn More
  7. RS-MUSIC-60W
    60W Sound Activated LED Controller.. Learn More
  8. RS-WIFI-100
    LED Light Wi-Fi Controller for custom Tape Strip.. Learn More
  9. RS-MUSIC-120W
    120W Sound Activated LED Controller.. Learn More
  10. RS2836RDIM(US)
    One zone wall mounted Rotary Dimmer  (Works wi.. Learn More
  11. RS1009CS7
    SPARE SINGLE COLOR RF receiver Box (Required fo.. Learn More
  12. RS1009FA7PD
    SPARE RGB RF receiver Box (Required for Part # .. Learn More
  13. RS2819SP
    RGB  Remote Control Programmable 4 Zone (Works.. Learn More
  14. RS2819T8
    RGB Custom Remote 8 zones RF Remote (Works with.. Learn More
  15. RS2812US3
    3 zones RGB Glass Touch DMX Panel (Use with RS2.. Learn More
  16. RS2114B
    4 x 700ma DMX decoder box - To be used with DMX .. Learn More
  17. RS2102HT
    Discontinued - DMX512 Non-Waterproof Controller .. Learn More
  18. RS2102HTWP
    Discontinued - DMX512 Waterproof Controller High.. Learn More
  19. RS1009HTWP
    Discontinued - 110-Volt RF Receiver.. Learn More
  20. RS2020US
    Discontinued - AC Version 110-Volt Wall Controll.. Learn More
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