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NEW - Marine 5050 LED Deck Lighting Beveled Downward pitch technology - Black Casing RGB Multi-Color - Compatible with HydroBLAST Controllers
Introducing Marine Sport® Lighting’s new HydroBLAST™ family of high intensity, LED lighting for your boat. Because nothing looks more stylish, than blasting an onslaught of LED light into the wake, when skipping across the water with friends and family.

The HydroBLAST™ series has adaptable lighting pieces available in solid or multi-color versions that are compatible with your choice of either an RF or Bluetooth controller. These versatile controllers can power the underwater pods and deck lights, but also an additional run of Marine Sport led strip lighting, at the same time! Which means you can control your entire LED lighting system with one remote!

Also, keep in mind, the Bluetooth controller option conveniently allows you to change the colors and patterns of your HydroBLAST™ lighting system via your smartphone. The app features a color wheel, presets, and will even store your favorite custom colors and patterns. Which means you can finally accompany that great playlist with a deserving light show.

The HydroBLAST™ Series Includes HydroBLAST™ LED deck lights. These compact, simple to install accent LEDs shine light right where you need it, thanks to an integrated directional shade!

Perfect for accenting your cabin’s floor, walkways, stairways, closets, and inside cabinets. Use under railings and handrail for a unique look.

These versatile HydroBLAST LED deck lights can also be used outdoors in steps and stairs for decks, patios, docks. Embed in wood, composite materials, concrete, pavers, and more.

And you can choose from a textured black or brushed metal finish to add that last touch of class to your deck lighting.
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Alphanumeric Sku MSDLBCRGB
Part # 1006986
Manufacturer Race Sport
UPC 817999026436
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