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New Product Alert - : LED Sealed Beam Conversion Lenses available in 5", 4x6". 7x6". 7" Coming in August
New Product Alert - : Marine Sport Underwater Yacht Lighting Systems
SEMA Updates - : Visit us at SEMA Nov. 4th-7th! Booth # 12071
HOT Product Alert : Race Sport GEN2 LED Headlight Kits to be released at SEMA 2014


Why Choose Race Sport? Here is Why :

Race Sport Product Group is the "Brand the Professionals Use." When it comes to automotive 12 volt lighting and specialty products, we partner with the leaders in the industry to bring the hottest technologies to the market. Count on us to always bring your company the next Hot and Profitable product. Our quality is superior to all of our compeititors. The reason is that we care about quality and long term partnerships with all of our customers. We put all of our products through a series of testing before we release them. Testing includes:

  • 3 week burn test
  • Freeze testing
  • Salt testing
  • Submerssion testing
  • Drop Test
  • Vibration test
  • and Performance testing

If you, and your company are thinking about getting into 12V lighting as a category to your mix, or are looking for a new reliable supplier. You are in the right place when you are dealing with Race Sport.                                                                                                                                                                                               


Save 12 Volt


No one is doubting that with the rise over the past decade of OEM Vehicle Manufacturer integrating audio and acoustics into vehicles, Audio in 12 volt is continuing to spiral down, profits margins are low, and competition is fierce. Distributors and Dealers are looking for new ways of making money and staying alive. Race Sport has actually kept some businesses alive with our lighting products, which bring the dealer or distributors fast moving Hot products with above average profit margins. Lighting is ever increasing in poularity and functionally makes sense for every driver on the road. We have products for everyone: 12 Volt, Automotive, Custom, Race Cars, Off Road, Commercial, Heavy Duty Equipment, and now 110 Volt Home / Commerical Theater as well.



Our Advantages

Become a Race Sport Dealer Today

1. Knowledgeable Tech Support Department available 6 days a week to your staff and customers.
2. Flexible Payment Terms
3. Competitively Priced products  - Profitable to you!
4. Fully Stocked in Midpoint of USA – SAME DAY SHIPPING!
5. Sales Reps assigned to your account for personal attention
6. Banners, Brochures, Rack Cards, and Display available to promote!
7. Drop Shipping and Fulfillment services available
8. Branding – Race Sport is a name known for quality
9. Tech Bulletins and Interface Solutions for Difficult Installs
10 .The best quality specialty products on the market
11. Integrity, Integrity, Integrity
12. QC  Testing – All products are tested to Highest Quality Standards
13. UPC service available on our products
14. Sell a name people Know

Here is what our dealers are saying about our products:

"Thanks and we've been enjoying your products, it's a welcome change from the cheap China stuff!"

"Race Sport is a smashing success. We have presented Race Sport Lighting as the answer to our customer's defect problems with cheap products. A customer actually said thanks for convincing them to put in Race Sport. The sales of their low end lighting is beginning to die out, and the customers are loving the high quality products."