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Part # 1006334
NEW - Dual Function Ultra Thin Flush Mount Amber Flasher Strobe with White LED DRL function - SAE Certified J595 and J2087
NEW - Dual Function Ultra Thin Flush Mount Amber Flasher Strobe with White LED DRL function - SAE Certified J595 and J2087
Introducing the RS7003AWD - the latest innovation in vehicle lighting from Race Sport Lighting. This Dual Function Ultra Thin Flush Mount combines a powerful Amber Flasher Strobe with a sophisticated White LED Daytime Running Light function, setting a new standard in both style and safety on the road.

Dual Functionality:
The RS7003AWD is a versatile solution with dual functionality. It seamlessly transitions between an attention-grabbing Amber Flasher Strobe and a crisp White LED Daytime Running Light, offering both style and safety in one sleek package.

Ultra-Thin Flush Mount Design:
Boasting an ultra-thin flush mount design, the RS7003AWD integrates seamlessly into your vehicle's aesthetics.
The low-profile construction adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle while maintaining a discreet appearance when not in use.

Amber Flasher Strobe:
The powerful Amber Flasher Strobe function is designed for maximum visibility. It complies with SAE Certified J595 and J2087 standards, ensuring industry-approved performance.
Ideal for emergency response vehicles, construction equipment, or any application where attention-grabbing strobe lighting is crucial.

White LED Daytime Running Light, DRL:
The White LED DRL function enhances your vehicle's visibility during daylight hours, contributing to overall safety on the road. It is solid White and does not strobe.

SAE Certified:
The RS7003AWD is SAE Certified J595 and J2087, meeting stringent industry standards for performance and safety.
Drive with confidence, knowing that your lighting solution complies with recognized regulations.

Versatile Applications:
The RS7003AWD is suitable for a wide range of applications, including emergency vehicles, work trucks, and various other service vehicles.

This amazing LED ultra thin marker strobe light allows you to not only Wig-Wag what and Amber warning colors, BUT also has a 2nd function of DRL HALO around the system, which gives people more light to see you.
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Alphanumeric Sku RS7003AWD
Part # 1006334
Manufacturer Race Sport
UPC 00817999023930
IP Rating IP68
Warranty 1 year
Universal or Vehicle Specific Universal
Net Weight 0.5
Harmonization Code 8512.20.2080
Gross Weight 0.5
Country of Origin CN
Item Condition New
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